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Monday, June 29, 2015

Give Away - My First

Hi guys!

OKAY!  I'm lost!  SERIOUS!!!  I can't figure out what to do now that Sorticulture is over.

I know ... I heard ya ... honest ... tutorial.  BUT ???  On what???

Here's my deal:  I have had enough of making things that I've already made.  HUM!  Did that make sense???  I sure hope so.  So far I'm thinking tutorials on hypertufa shrooms and hearts, whiskey barrel band crowns and ????  I don't have a clue!!!  SORRY!

SO!  I'm going to put all you wonderful people to work.  HA!  Oh I do love to see others work ,,,, don't you???  tee hee hee!  Your turn!!!

Here's your deal:  I have a few funky metal cut outs that are a hoot.  When I showed them to you everyone seemed to like them.

SO!  I have a few new types now.  What I want is some ideas on 2 things:

1:  What would you do with any of the hearts you see in all the following pictures???

2:  What do you want to see for a tutorial???  What can I make?  Most anything garden related.  My materials are recycled metals, wood and some glass.  NO PLASTIC!!!  Sorry!  I HATE plastic. 

What do you have to do??? 

Leave me a comment with 3 things: 

1)  your first name and email address
2)  what would you do with the hearts you see in the following pictures?
3)  what tutorial would you like to see?

It's really not that hard.  BUT!  You do have to think about it a bit.

I'll pick a few different comments and on August 1st I will send you an email asking which hearts you would like.  I'll get your snail mail address and get your goodies shipped in the mail. 


These hearts are a little thicker
than the next pics.

These hearts are a little thinner.

None of the edges have been cleaned up

on any of the pieces.

I LOVE funky things to play with.

GOOD LUCK!!!  You can do it!!!!

These are too fun!


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sorticulture Recap

Hi guys!

Sorry this took so long! 


That's all I can say.  The show was amazing!  Record attendance on Friday and Sunday.  Saturdays attendance was only 4 people short!  It was FUN!  Honestly ... I didn't notice the big number of people.  I think they have a better way of keeping track of who comes in the door now.  ???  I don't know.  It really didn't matter.  It was that good.  The weather was as perfect as the Northwest can get.  Not too hot.  Not cool at all.  Ahhhh ,,, Just right!

After an amazing Friday I went home and cleaned out the house, the yard and the garage.  YEP!  I sold a lot of goodies.  Like I said the other day.  I started selling at 7:30ish and it didn't stop all day.  One sweet person even bought me a latte.  THANK YOU FOR THAT!!!  It made my day.

Saturday started off with a wonderful lady waiting for me to get there at 8:30ish.  She even helped me unload my truck.  SCHWEET!  So is she.

Sunday started off with that same sweet lady waiting for me.  I hope she found a surprise in her mailbox Tuesday.  :)

I don't have a single picture to show you.  I didn't have time to get any Friday.   Saturday there wasn't much to take pictures of.  Sunday ,,, well ,,, I was so dead tired it took forever for me to get out of the park even though I had FABULOUS help.

Monday found me crashed trying with every thing I had to stay awake.  I did great until 2 or 3 minutes before the Chicago Blackhawks scored their first goal.  SORRY!  I backed up the dvr and watched the rest of the game.  Thanks guys for winning!!!

Tuesday finds me crashing and making brownies for the recycle guys.  If they are lucky there might be a few left and I might even share them ... tee hee hee!!!

Let's see ... what sold first???  HA!  Whiskey barrel ring crowns and beer taps!  Anything hose guide related.  If it looked like it could be used as a hose guide it sold!  SWEET!  The big birdhouse with the horse on top sold.  The shower and fender light were purchased by a wonderful lady who lives in a castle.  SERIOUS!!!  I saw the pictures.  Her and her hubs took it home in their Bummer convertible.  Yes.  Bummer.  I believe he made it.  He's a car body man.  Very, very nice people.

EVERY SINGLE CROWN SOLD!!!  hahaha!  I'm sorry.  These are soooo much fun.  It just cracks me up that a practice piece and a whole lot of cussing turns out to be the piece(s) that paid for my booth again this year.

The crown fire pit sold first thing.  Both old bikes sold first thing.

Here are a few pictures, of what sold, in case you missed them while I was getting ready for the show.

I made 6 of these and they were sold by 8:30 Friday
morning and there was a bit of a tussle
over the last 2. 

Nearly every one of these were purchased by a man.
There were 20 of them.

Sold quickly!

One of the first birdhouses sold.

They all sold, but slower than I thought they would.
Still good.

All of these sold.  One was bought by a man whose friend
had to talk him into it.  He has a fairy garden and was
afraid to say he did.  It's okay dude!  HONEST!

These were sold by 8:30 or 9.  Wish I would have made
many, many more.  I'll have to find some more molds. 
I think I'll put them on Etsy.

All of these sold and they wanted more.

I sold 2 full baskets of these.  $5 each. 
They paid for both booths.

Most of the concrete totems sold.  If I were to sell
these again, I would make them the year before
to let them collect the moss.

A wonderful man bought this as a
surprise for his wife.

Ready for this?  A wonderful whirlwind of a woman
bought this.  Her husband is a car body man. 
They live in a castle.
NOT KIDDING!  I saw the pictures.
She was SO MUCH FUN!!!

Here's the deal with the show.  I LOVE the people who attend this show.  For the most part they are upbeat, excited and happy to be there!  Those that came to buy that is.  The others are just looking around in awe of how many things are there that they want.  Those who come to buy hit the vendors they like and chat and chat.  IT'S SO MUCH FUN!  I am going to miss this.  YET!  It's time.  It's Tuesday evening and I still haven't moved off the couch.  I'm tired.  My back hurts.  My feet are tired.  tee hee hee!!!  I'M OLD dammit!!!  LOL!

Time to quit whining and watch a little basketball.  Let's see if the NBA is half as interesting as the NHL.  Doubt it (she says with a smile on her face).

What can I tell you about???  What can I show you how to do???  Tutorial on ????????

Talk to ya soon. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Sorticulture Update

Hi guys!

O.M.G.!!!  You can not believe the number of people at the show at SEVEN THIRTY in the morning!  Yes ... the show opens at 10.

Every year people get here earlier and earlier to get to their favorite booth to get that one of a kind piece.  That's what this show is all about.  That special art piece or plant.

This year I had a line of about 10 people waiting to pay for their goodies at 8am.  I got there at 7:35 and some 2 to 5 minutes later I was taking money.  NO KIDDING!  So did nearly every booth around me.  There were a lot of vendors who didn't get there until well after 8 and most closer to 9.  Let me tell you how disappointed they were.  Oh wait!  Never mind.  They just weren't real happy they took their time to get there!   You snooze, you lose!

Tomorrow I won't go in until well after 8.  We'll see what I miss.

What sold???

The large crowns from the wine barrel rings,  the peddle car,  the cast iron cribs,  concrete mushrooms and boots (someone forgot the hearts and roses ... oops!),  the beer tap hose guides,  any hose guide,  the old bikes ,,, LOTS OF STUFF!

It was an amazing day!  Time to crash guys.  I'm wiped out.

Talk to ya soon!  Shell
p.s. here's a picture of my booth name:

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Few New Finds For Sorticulture

Okay guys... while you are getting this I'm already at Starbucks headed for Sorticulture.  I've already sold my first piece.  LOL!  They moved me 2 booths over.  Doesn't sound like much ,,, BUT!  That means I now have trees behind me instead a large open space.   That means I lost about a 20X20 free space.  It was nice to spread out,,, darn.  Oh well!!!  Time to get 'er done!!!

Here's a couple new fun things that are already there...

Isn't this darling???  I was so excited to see this
old car.  HA!  It has a web address on the label. 
It's a great remake!!!  That's okay. 
It's still tons of fun!

This is the back of an older toy truck. 
Fill it with flowers!!!  HA!
Fill everything with flowers!!!  :)

Excellent color.

Sorry, it was getting late.  The fire hydrant I picked
up on the way to the show.  The boot ... ???  That is a
"footing" for my booth.  It's an old work boot filled
with concrete and a bent piece of rebar.  Push the
rebar into the ground, tie it off with a rope and it
helps hold the tent down!  SCHWEET!!!

Yes, that's an old cast iron crib.  I have 2 of them for sale.  A pink one and a blue one.  They are amazing!  I used them as display pieces.  There's no room to set them up in my booth.  I hope to have them set up early afternoon.  They are both excellent!!!  There's a lot at the booth already.  I cleaned out my yard.  COME AND GET IT!!!  Please????  I sure hope to see you over the weekend!!!

Friday 10 am to 8 pm
Saturday 10 am to 6pm
Sunday 10 am to 4 pm
Legion Park in North Everett 

Click here for a link to Sorticulture's Facebook page.

THANK YOU EVERYONE for all your support and friendship.  I so appreciate each and every one of you!!!  Shell

Hypertufa Shrooms and Boots Plus a Shower for Your Yard

Hi ya all!

Just a quickie, then I'm loading the truck and moving!  LOL!  To show I go!!!  YAY!!!

I'm so EXCITED!!!



They are absolutely wonderful.  I can't wait to see
them covered in moss!!!

These are the pieces I used as their "legs".  2 different
sizes of rebar and a very large, long spike with a twist. 

I was going to scrap all the metal.  This was a
perfect place to use them instead.

A pair of boots with twine and those
plasma cutout hearts.

A baby shoe.

On the front you can see the label mark!!!  

This small glass piece is what I used to make the shrums.

These were tons of fun to make.  I used the leftover concrete mix when I was making the larger pieces for the totems and seats.


I made one last year and it was a hit.  I got lucky and found a new shower head ... or two!!!  This is the first one.

3 newly made fence panels from recycled fence boards,
used door hinges, recycled copper, a used shower head
(that is SPECTACULAR!) and a new shut off handle.

That shower head is to die for!!! 
It is SO NICE!!!

The angled copper is for support. 
The shower head is heavy.
Thank you Pat for the help with that!!!

I put an extra section of 2X4 behind
the copper pipe for support.

A kids shower is next.  This shower head adjusts so
the water goes from a mist to a stream. 
It's also fun to watch as the water flows out little
pipes that move with the change of the water flow.

Sorry the pics aren't better.  There's no room to work where I made this.  I made the fence sections out in the yard, but the soldering has to be done over the concrete.  I don't want to have to worry about starting a fire.  The fence sections actually come apart by removing the pins in the door hinges.  SWEET!!!  Easy!

I hope to get the kids shower done.  I'm so low on fence boards it might not happen.  I'm just hopin'.

I have a few more goodies to finish... but, you've seen most of it. 

I sure hope to see you there!  Sorticulture!!!  Ready or not, here I come!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Cuckoo Bird House and a Few More Goodies Going to Sorticulture

Hi guys!

One day, today, to build and it's time to move into the show.... here's a couple more goodies to check out!

It started with a cuckoo clock, an antique
table leg and an antique lamp base. 

The back.

2 pluckers planted, ready to hang on
your fence, garage or house.

A display piece holding bags of
small hypertufa hearts.

3 brass and wood screens to use as a
room divider inside or outside.

The patina is just getting started on the mesh.

This was going to be great.  There should be 2
of these panels and a middle panel of rusted
metal with 3 dragonflies cut into it.  BUT! 
I ran out of wood!!!  DARN!!!

One of the problems with art like mine is you only have so much material to use.  When you find the perfect piece you are usually limited by damaged pieces.  In this case these skinny fence boards were great, but most were very short.  That was due to damage and rot.  SO!  I made a lot of fun things with them.  When I got to this project I needed longer boards and there aren't any!  I have tons of boards left, but too much damage.   DARN! 

That birdhouse is a riot!!!  It and all the others will be at Sorticulture.

Right now I'm working on a shower for your yard!  FUN!  OH and wait until you see the goodies I found at the recycle center!  YAY!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Swirly

Howdy!  It's Tuesday ,,, that means only 2 more days and I'm loading my goodies into Sorticulture!  CRAP!  Yep!  My brain is finally getting it in gear and it's dreaming up all kinds of goodies.  I made this a couple days ago.  I used to make these and give them away as gifts ,,, only this one is short!  The others were 3 to 3 1/2 feet tall.  This one is almost 2 feet tall.  I didn't think I was going to have enough roofing ... so ... it's short!  Still fun!

It started when I saw a bucket of ...

shutter slats and .....

an amazing faucet handle.
and it's shape.

I hope to have a post each day all through the show.  Tomorrow I hope to show you a bird house that is taking WAY too long to build.  BUT!  It started with a small old cuckoo clock and an amazing antique table leg.  SCHWEET!

OH ... the name swirly.  The tall ones look like a swirly ice cream cone or think Dr. Seuss.

Soon goons!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Another Birdhouse on a Recycle Find

A quick look at another birdhouse. 

I don't know! 

I just keep finding things to build birdhouses with.  SO!  Here's one more.


I love the color.

B is for Bird.  :)

Quick, fast, easy and fun.  This will show up in your garden real easy.  Yep,,, I'm pretty sure this one will get birds!  Here's to hoping!!!

It will be at Sorticulture.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

V Dub Seat with Flowers - Nastys


Here's a nearly finished piece ... by that I mean the flowers need to fill out over the summer. 

She is so CUTE!!!

Do you remember this?

I cut out the springs in the middle of the seat.

There's room for a small box.

I built it out of old fence boards.

Then filled it with Nasturtiums.

They are always so happy and colorful.

Just look at all those sweet faces.

I picked up pots with different colors in them.



A bee flew in and out so fast I didn't
get a good shot of him.


Even the leaves are colorful.

So,,, who wants it???  HA!  ME!!!  I'm going to spend the summer building with all the car parts I have left in my yard.  I just couldn't part with some of them.  SORRY!  Don't shoot me!!!

YEP!  This will be at Sorticulture.  CRAP!  Only 4 building days left until I move into the show.  EEK!  That includes today.  Gotta gooooo!!!!  :)