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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Cuckoo Bird House and a Few More Goodies Going to Sorticulture

Hi guys!

One day, today, to build and it's time to move into the show.... here's a couple more goodies to check out!

It started with a cuckoo clock, an antique
table leg and an antique lamp base. 

The back.

2 pluckers planted, ready to hang on
your fence, garage or house.

A display piece holding bags of
small hypertufa hearts.

3 brass and wood screens to use as a
room divider inside or outside.

The patina is just getting started on the mesh.

This was going to be great.  There should be 2
of these panels and a middle panel of rusted
metal with 3 dragonflies cut into it.  BUT! 
I ran out of wood!!!  DARN!!!

One of the problems with art like mine is you only have so much material to use.  When you find the perfect piece you are usually limited by damaged pieces.  In this case these skinny fence boards were great, but most were very short.  That was due to damage and rot.  SO!  I made a lot of fun things with them.  When I got to this project I needed longer boards and there aren't any!  I have tons of boards left, but too much damage.   DARN! 

That birdhouse is a riot!!!  It and all the others will be at Sorticulture.

Right now I'm working on a shower for your yard!  FUN!  OH and wait until you see the goodies I found at the recycle center!  YAY!


  1. Can't wait and love seeing all the things you find and make.

    Love everything!