old timer

Friday, June 5, 2015

A Recyle Find Holds Up a Birdhouse

Hi guys .... a quick one.

I swung by the recycle center AGAIN!  Oh ... I love that place. 

I love this puppy!  You can barely see the old
square nails I used as perches.

Here's a close up, but they still don't
show too well.  SORRY!
I found this at the recycle center
a couple days ago.

The back.  I LOVE that wood!

Sorry!  I didn't get much done again.  OOPS!  What will be at Sorticulture will be fun.  I just hope there's more coming ... LOL!  Soon!  My favorite thing to say.  hahaha


  1. That's a use for that old jack. I like it.

    Happy weekend.