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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Check Out These Legs!!!


Okay!  So I've been cleaning out every thing I can find around here.  Inside the house I found a few old suitcases.  Well,,, maybe a few more than a few.  My house was built in the 1890's.  Around here that's really old.  They didn't build closets into homes back then.  It "wasted" room.  That means I need storage.  I use old suitcases for a lot of my art supplies.  So far I've used 4 of them.  I might use a few more.  Only time will tell.  Here's 2 you can see today!
This used to hold home made soaps.

I have several sets of table legs around here. 
This is one set.

I'm leaving the insides as they were. 
I'm also leaving the nuts and bolts showing.

The underside of the "table".

View of the back.

This case used to hold jewelry parts.

The legs were from a chair (I think).

Saggy.  Like me!  :)'

These were fun.  I thought about tearing the insides out and "hiding" the nuts and stuff.  You can't hide them.  Even inside the lining they make big bumps.  SO!  Why tear them apart, screw them up and try to "hide" them.  It will take more time, which makes the price go up and you get a nastier product.  NOPE!  I'm looking for something to cover them up a little bit.  Something that won't look any uglier than these do.

Sometimes you just have to leave it as it is.

There's another one with big bun feet under it and one that I set on an old stool I found in the alley and tore apart.  FUN!

These will be at Sorticulture!



  1. Love old suitcases. We cut the back off of some, hubby screwed on a piece of wood and then we mounted them to the wall for shelves.

    Love your idea!

    1. Excellent idea! You guys sure have fun around there!