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Monday, June 29, 2015

Give Away - My First

Hi guys!

OKAY!  I'm lost!  SERIOUS!!!  I can't figure out what to do now that Sorticulture is over.

I know ... I heard ya ... honest ... tutorial.  BUT ???  On what???

Here's my deal:  I have had enough of making things that I've already made.  HUM!  Did that make sense???  I sure hope so.  So far I'm thinking tutorials on hypertufa shrooms and hearts, whiskey barrel band crowns and ????  I don't have a clue!!!  SORRY!

SO!  I'm going to put all you wonderful people to work.  HA!  Oh I do love to see others work ,,,, don't you???  tee hee hee!  Your turn!!!

Here's your deal:  I have a few funky metal cut outs that are a hoot.  When I showed them to you everyone seemed to like them.

SO!  I have a few new types now.  What I want is some ideas on 2 things:

1:  What would you do with any of the hearts you see in all the following pictures???

2:  What do you want to see for a tutorial???  What can I make?  Most anything garden related.  My materials are recycled metals, wood and some glass.  NO PLASTIC!!!  Sorry!  I HATE plastic. 

What do you have to do??? 

Leave me a comment with 3 things: 

1)  your first name and email address
2)  what would you do with the hearts you see in the following pictures?
3)  what tutorial would you like to see?

It's really not that hard.  BUT!  You do have to think about it a bit.

I'll pick a few different comments and on August 1st I will send you an email asking which hearts you would like.  I'll get your snail mail address and get your goodies shipped in the mail. 


These hearts are a little thicker
than the next pics.

These hearts are a little thinner.

None of the edges have been cleaned up

on any of the pieces.

I LOVE funky things to play with.

GOOD LUCK!!!  You can do it!!!!

These are too fun!



  1. I do like them. But, I'm not doing any outdoor projects at this time. Only clay and mosaics.

    I need to put on my thinking cap and come up with a use for them for you.

    1. Thank you. I would really appreciate that! Have a safe and wonderful 4th!

  2. Susan at wild_blue_farm at yahoo dot com
    I would make them into wind chimes (mixed with old silverware)...for the tutorial, can you show me how?
    Welded to metal sticks, they would make adorable row markers for a garden or pot markers for an herb garden. If the hearts were cupped just a little, they would make great leaves in a waterfall, with the water going from leaf to leaf.

    1. OH! You're fun! I love all of this. I do love making wind chimes. Cup the leaves ... ahhhhhh ... I can hear the "rain" now. YUM! Great ideas ... thanks! Happy 4th and be safe!

    2. Howdy! I would love to send you your choice of metal cut outs! Pick out 3 or 4 types you like (smaller, larger or both?) and I will send them to you in the mail. All I need is an email from you to: fromthealleytothegallery@frontier.com - with your name, address and choices and I will get them in the mail by the end of the week. I'll send you a dozen or so. I hope to have 2 tutorials by the end of next week with 2 of your ideas on them. THANK YOU!!! Shelley

    3. Thank you so much, Shelley!!! I just got your email and replied...my internet has been down for a month and I just got it back (one of the joys of living really rural!). I'm so excited!!!!!

    4. I'm glad you sent me an email. Blogger rarely sends me a note telling me someone, like you, left a comment on my blog. I always worry I'll miss someone! Your metal is on it's way soon!!! Thanks again.