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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hypertufa Shrooms and Boots Plus a Shower for Your Yard

Hi ya all!

Just a quickie, then I'm loading the truck and moving!  LOL!  To show I go!!!  YAY!!!

I'm so EXCITED!!!



They are absolutely wonderful.  I can't wait to see
them covered in moss!!!

These are the pieces I used as their "legs".  2 different
sizes of rebar and a very large, long spike with a twist. 

I was going to scrap all the metal.  This was a
perfect place to use them instead.

A pair of boots with twine and those
plasma cutout hearts.

A baby shoe.

On the front you can see the label mark!!!  

This small glass piece is what I used to make the shrums.

These were tons of fun to make.  I used the leftover concrete mix when I was making the larger pieces for the totems and seats.


I made one last year and it was a hit.  I got lucky and found a new shower head ... or two!!!  This is the first one.

3 newly made fence panels from recycled fence boards,
used door hinges, recycled copper, a used shower head
(that is SPECTACULAR!) and a new shut off handle.

That shower head is to die for!!! 
It is SO NICE!!!

The angled copper is for support. 
The shower head is heavy.
Thank you Pat for the help with that!!!

I put an extra section of 2X4 behind
the copper pipe for support.

A kids shower is next.  This shower head adjusts so
the water goes from a mist to a stream. 
It's also fun to watch as the water flows out little
pipes that move with the change of the water flow.

Sorry the pics aren't better.  There's no room to work where I made this.  I made the fence sections out in the yard, but the soldering has to be done over the concrete.  I don't want to have to worry about starting a fire.  The fence sections actually come apart by removing the pins in the door hinges.  SWEET!!!  Easy!

I hope to get the kids shower done.  I'm so low on fence boards it might not happen.  I'm just hopin'.

I have a few more goodies to finish... but, you've seen most of it. 

I sure hope to see you there!  Sorticulture!!!  Ready or not, here I come!


  1. Great shroons. Good luck!

    Hoping you sell out.

    1. Thank you so much! I do too. This is always so much fun.

  2. Shower is amazing--I would love one for my garden--I get so dirty from gardening. Would be nice to leave some of the dirt outside

    1. Thank you! I LOVE a shower in the yard. I have one on the back of my house. That's why I make these for this show. I don't know what I would have done without it when the kids were small. It left on ton of dirt outside!!! :)