old timer

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

It's In the Details

Just a quick peak at a couple more concrete, hypertufa, totems. 

Just the detailed pieces! What makes one piece sell and not the next???  The details.  Those little bits of texture, color and being one of a kind.

The cup, saucer and ring.

The metal candle holder that is upside down. 
His legs are up in the air.

All the open scroll work on the top.

A fancy finial that's a little on the crusty side. 

The green metal piece inside that hides
 the threaded rod under it.

The "washer" with ribs hiding under the finial.

All those ribs on the concrete and
the copper vase it sits on.

I still have several more of these to put together.  I'm bored with them.  I hope to finish them.  They are all fun!

All of these will be at Sorticulture.


  1. I love all the thought you put into them! Won't be long before they go to new homes.