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Friday, June 12, 2015

Sorticulture Update

Hi guys!

O.M.G.!!!  You can not believe the number of people at the show at SEVEN THIRTY in the morning!  Yes ... the show opens at 10.

Every year people get here earlier and earlier to get to their favorite booth to get that one of a kind piece.  That's what this show is all about.  That special art piece or plant.

This year I had a line of about 10 people waiting to pay for their goodies at 8am.  I got there at 7:35 and some 2 to 5 minutes later I was taking money.  NO KIDDING!  So did nearly every booth around me.  There were a lot of vendors who didn't get there until well after 8 and most closer to 9.  Let me tell you how disappointed they were.  Oh wait!  Never mind.  They just weren't real happy they took their time to get there!   You snooze, you lose!

Tomorrow I won't go in until well after 8.  We'll see what I miss.

What sold???

The large crowns from the wine barrel rings,  the peddle car,  the cast iron cribs,  concrete mushrooms and boots (someone forgot the hearts and roses ... oops!),  the beer tap hose guides,  any hose guide,  the old bikes ,,, LOTS OF STUFF!

It was an amazing day!  Time to crash guys.  I'm wiped out.

Talk to ya soon!  Shell
p.s. here's a picture of my booth name:

Thanks for stopping by!!!