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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Spikey Totem

Hi guys!

How are ya???  All is well around here. 

I am writing this Wed. evening and I'm watching hockey.  It's SAD!  It's almost over and my team is behind.  CRAP!  Come on Blackhawks get it in gear ... PLEASE!!!    

I went to the recycle center today to pick up a couple amazing finds that we were going to tear apart and what did I find???  You'll see in the next couple days ... first ... here is an ugly find I picked up today ... YAY! 

Isn't this a hoot???

Check out the lamp I found today. 
It's nasty, gaudy and I LOVE it!!!

These are the crystals that were on it.

The clean ones were still on the light, the dirty ones
were in the dirt.  The backhoe actually moved them into
a big pile of metal, mud, water, gas and who knows what
else.  Only a couple of them broke!!!  SCORE!!!

Each spikey piece is a little different. 
This one is smaller.

******THE BLACKHAWKS JUST SCORED AGAIN ... 2 TO 1 "US"!!!  Only 3 minutes left.
The middle section is the middle size and the
spikes are 2 different heights.

The bottom piece is the largest.

Here is my idea of what to do with this.
Add anything YOU want.  Anything to start your own
collection of your favorite or found goodies!

These were things I had hanging around. 
I thought these would show you the idea.
I love the idea of adding your own goodies.

This is just an earring, but imagine
all the "things" you could hang.

Do you know what those 4 round circles
are with the holes in them???

They came off a rotary dial phone.

It would be fun to hang things off each hole that float in the wind.  Think wind sock.  Maybe ribbons that would fly around.  FUN!

The only thing new on this is the nut that holds it together at the bottom!!!  SCHWEETER!!! 

I love to find something at the recycle center and take it home and build with it immediately.  That's a good day around here!!!  I hope yours was good too!

This will be at Sorticulture.            


  1. I'm loving everything I'm seeing! Let Emma and I know if you need help moving stuff, setting up or just saving you a parking spot!!

    1. Thank you Dana. I might need help Sunday going home. I'll drop you an email soon. THANKS! OH<<< come with an empty car... or BIG TRUCK. We can fill your trunk! :)

  2. WOW, you scored.
    It's a great piece of yard art and creativity.

  3. I love the new chandelier-ish thing - it could be cool to include some bearings so the wind-sock idea could respond directly to weather. Actually, I enjoy everything you make, and mourn the dearth of alley finds here in Coyote Hockey land. I was biting my nails for the 'hawks, too!

    1. Thank you. The bearing would be fun. Ahhhh ... I hate waiting for the next game. It's so far away! Worse yet ,,, it signals the end of the hockey season. Sorry to hear about the death in your "family". It sux! I LOVE the alley finds. You are a sweetheart!