old timer

Sunday, June 7, 2015

V Dub Seat with Flowers - Nastys


Here's a nearly finished piece ... by that I mean the flowers need to fill out over the summer. 

She is so CUTE!!!

Do you remember this?

I cut out the springs in the middle of the seat.

There's room for a small box.

I built it out of old fence boards.

Then filled it with Nasturtiums.

They are always so happy and colorful.

Just look at all those sweet faces.

I picked up pots with different colors in them.



A bee flew in and out so fast I didn't
get a good shot of him.


Even the leaves are colorful.

So,,, who wants it???  HA!  ME!!!  I'm going to spend the summer building with all the car parts I have left in my yard.  I just couldn't part with some of them.  SORRY!  Don't shoot me!!!

YEP!  This will be at Sorticulture.  CRAP!  Only 4 building days left until I move into the show.  EEK!  That includes today.  Gotta gooooo!!!!  :)                


  1. BEAUTIFUL! You should have no problem selling it.

    1. Thank you. I LOVE stuff like this in my yard... even in my house... :)