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Friday, August 14, 2015

Look What I Found and more RUGBY!

Hi guys!

A short time ago I took an over night trip up to Burnaby, B.C. ......  Canada.

It's only a 2 hour drive.  So I went up to watch our National rugby team ,,, the USA Eagles.  It was the end of the tournament I went to California to watch.  Our team did great!  BUT!!!  I think I'm pretty smitten with the sport.  Right now I'm watching the Seattle Seahawks play and ... SORRY ... I'm bored.  I wait and wait and we throw the ball away.  Then I wait and wait and we run for a couple yards.  Then I WAIT AND WAIT!!!!!  In rugby ... there is NO WAITING!!!   NONE!!!  It's 40 minutes of go, go, GO!  Per half!!!

I finally started posting some of the rugby pictures that turned out okay on a separate place on my blog ... click here (Canada) and here (California) and it will take you to the page sections.  Sorry there aren't more.  Cheap camera, cheap seats, old eyes.  Enough said!!!

Anyway ,,, I found out there were over a dozen thrift shops close to the stadium and on my way home.  So I decided to spend the night and see what I could find.  HEY!  The exchange rate is 31% in my favor!  In other words ... spend $100 and I only have to give up $69.  Kind of!  First you have to find someone who will give you that rate.  HAHAHA!  Good luck!  I use a credit card.  They give me the 31%, but they charge me 3% to do it.  CHEAP!   Easy.  DONE!

SO ... here's a couple fun pieces I found on my way home...

Souvenir Spoons

I love the fancy spoon handles and bowls.

Some have charms hanging on them.

Some are foreign countries.

OH ... and a tea bag holder. 
Hey!  Isle of Man

I think some of the handles would make great rings ....

or pieces of bracelets ...

or pendants ....

or earrings.

FUN FINDS!!!  I'm going up this winter to watch hockey in Vancouver ... more finds please!!!


I had a ball watching rugby.  It was a beautiful day.  The weather was amazing and the view ....

The view of the field and it's surrounding
area was amazing!

A Canadian rugger and a volunteer.  Both very nice
gentlemen.  Sorry the pic is blurry!

Danny Barrett rockin' that man bun! 
 Just try to call him a sissy!

Or him ... this man is a giant!  Meet Tonga!!!

I told you the view was AMAZING!!!

By the way ... we won in the last seconds of the game.

More finds coming soon! 


  1. I can tell you are having a ball! the spoons are terrific - can't wait to see what you do with them....hey, you should stop over at Fresh Paint this weekend - would love to see you!

    1. Fresh Paint??? HUH??? Are you close to where you usually are???

    2. booth 33 - down a ways along the marina - stop on by!

  2. Looks like you had a blast!! Now I'll be hunting spoons and rugby on the telly!!

    1. Too funny. I watched rugby all day yesterday and today. Loved it! The finals are tomorrow. The following is a link that shows the schedule. Right above it, it says LIVE STREAM, click on that to watch if you want to try it for a minute. This is fast. 14 minute games. They start exactly on time. Game 47 is our Serevi Selects. 3 guys from WA state are playing. #10, Kevin Swiryn, is amazing and the coach of the U of W men's rugby team. The time is in mountain time ,,, not pacific time. If you watch at all, let me know what you think!!! LOL! Shell


  3. Love the spoons. Naw, I don't think I'd call either one of them a sissy.

    1. It's fun to find something that you really aren't looking for.... I know you know what I mean!!! Those guys ... the Tonga guy is a giant. Danny is a big boy, but, I think it's a momma thing. He's got this amazing attitude and I think that's why he's one of my favorites. He's a good boy and an amazing player. Have a great week!