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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Playing with Leather, Thinking About Rugby

Hi guys!

Hey!  Leather and rugby go together ... don't they???  Yep!  They do.  Why???  I can sit and watch rugby while I play with some old leather belts.  See how easy that was?  I learned how to do that from my dad.  When I was a kid my parents used to send us to church with a friend.  Then mom ??? who knew what she did while we were gone.  BUT!  Dad ... oh he was smart.  He OFFERED to do the ironing.  YEP!  My dad, the mountain man, loved to iron.  Why?  He would sit in front of the TV and watch whatever sporting event was on.  Now ,,,, mom couldn't complain.  LOL!   SCHMART!!!

So ,,, here's what I'm playing with while I watched the USA Eagles and Seattle Saracens play rugby on the computer.

Check these out!!!  please ...

Leather and Rugby!

A few fun ones.

Crosses and scrap metals and leather.

Hearts and wings.  2 of my favorites.

EAGLE!!!  Like in USA Eagles Rugby Team.

That is a piece of copper plumbers tape.  Quite often
 rugby uniforms have stripes on them.  I thought
this piece of scrap was perfect for that. 
Yes, that's the original patina.

Skulls, holes and old leather. 
Brand new old cuffs.  :)

The graphics on this metal piece are gorgeous!

I didn't have the Eagle when I started this.  I need to
remake it or add a name and number to it.  That
will help fill in the big empty spaces I left on this.

This was a short piece of scrap that I thought I'd try.
  It flopped.  Why?  It's so stiff it won't wrap around
your wrist.  That's okay.  See ... I wasn't kidding
when I told you (over and over) ... not everything I
 make works out.  I have MANY, MANY failures.


Check out the back side of it.  I call this one
"Inside Secrets".  I used a felt pen on these to see
what it would look like.  Too messy...?

For bull riding!!!

As you can see ... I'm having fun while watching TV (through the computer)!!!  Give it a try.  It's fun.  What ???  You don't know what to watch .... hahaha!!!  Try this:::::

For more information click on this sentence. 
It will take you to the Eagles website. 

Or this sentence to get to their Facebook page.

I hope you get a chance to check it out!!! 
Maybe you'll get the rugby bug too!



  1. Neat......... looks like you are staying very busy.

    1. Thanks. I have to have something to do while I spend a weekend watching sports. This way I don't feel like I wasted all that time. tee hee hee!