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Friday, August 7, 2015

This Healthy Smoothie is My Latest Must Make

Hi guys!!!

How's it going out there???  Has your weather been as crazy as ours in the Northwest has been???  It's been so hot.  Last week I was in the store and I spotted some wonderful red grapes for a pretty good price and I thought of a party we went to when I was still in high school.

YES!  I can remember that far back ... LOL!  Okay.  So this was about 40 ... plus years ago.  BUT!  Our family went to a party where one thing on the table was a grape, on a toothpick, that was covered with cream cheese or sour cream, then rolled in crushed nuts.

I never did learn exactly what was on those grapes, but, this is soooo close.  Those were so good ... well, I kind of ate too many of them.  tee hee hee!!! 

This is what I would call a tart, clean, refreshing taste for a smoothie.  You are more than welcome to change anything on here you'd like.  BUT!  This has become my new go to snack or light lunch.

BTW ... I like my smoothies REALLY thick.  Like eat it with a spoon thick.

YUM!  Pretty!!!


Greek Yogurt - Plain
FROZEN - Red Grapes (your choice of grapes!)
Rice Milk - or any liquid you like (you might not need it)
Sweetener - I used Steviva.  You can use anything!  You might not need it if you use yogurt with a sweetener already in it.

I bought myself a Ninja blender a while back.  Oh did I get a good deal.  Have you ever noticed that most of my blog posts are about good deals?  With just one income they have to be good deals!!!

Let's start.

Put about 1 cup of frozen red grapes in the individual serving cup of your Ninja or regular blender jar.

Add about 1 cup of yogurt.

Top with 10 to 15 almonds.

You really want to put the almonds or grapes where
the blades will get to them first.  The blades need
something to grip so they can blend quicker and easier.

Blend!  I want my smoothie really thick so I don't add any liquid.  This was tough on my old blender.  It's easy with my Ninja. 

The longer you blend this ,,, the warmer the ingredients get, the thinner the smoothie gets.  I only blend mine until all the ingredients are smooth, not chunky.  A chunk or two won't hurt you though!

If this is too thick for you, add a little bit of liquid.  Start with a small amount and add more if you need it. 

At this point you can try your drink.  If it's too tart (and it sure can be!!!) add some sweetener.  I added about 1/2 of the small dipper you see in the picture to my drink.  It still had a little bite to it.  I like mine that way.

Just put your sweetener in the blender jar and whirl for a couple seconds.  Ready to "eat".  LOL~ mine you eat with a spoon.

SO GOOD!!!  It's chilly, tasty, healthy and
it needs to be fuller!  LOL!


Well, unless you find something else you'd like to add to it ... like cinnamon!!!  YUM!  It will change the taste ,,, but, that's okay!!!  Cinnamon is very good for you, as are the rest of the ingredients in this recipe.

I hope you try this and like it!!!



  1. Love smoothies with frozen fruit but I have never tried grapes! I like to eat them straight from the freezer so I know this recipe would be fabulous!!! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Your welcome. I just put a small piece of candied ginger in one of these .. I have a new favorite!!! With just a small piece you still taste the grapes, but you get that wonderful ginger flavor. Thanks for stopping by! Shell

  2. The "real feel temp" was 115 here in MS yesterday.....

    Looks delish. Sounds really healthy too.

    1. Oh give this a try. It will help that 115* weather .. OUCH! That SUCKS!!! I just put a small piece of candied ginger in one of these and I honestly LOVE that even more. Not too much or you won't taste the grapes. This is so refreshing!