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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Few Fun Textures Found While Walking Around

Hi guys.

I just got through telling you how I get lost because I forget to look where I'm walking.  Here are a few of the reasons why: 

Great color. 
Part of a water fountain inside a building.

Texture.  Color.

Can you guess where I was?

Letters!  I love letters. 
You can make them into anything you want.

This is a window frame in the basement of a store.

Thank goodness it rained. 
This looks much better wet than dry.
It doesn't matter where I go ... I see things a little differently than others do when they go shopping.  LOL!  I forget to look up.  I forget to look down.  GPS???  Don't even get me started.  I've had it in my little car for 10 years.  I tried it once.  SUCKED!  It took me right where I wanted to go.  I MISSED all the fun goodies I might have found otherwise.  It pays to get lost!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Trip to Chicago to Watch My Favorite Rugby Team Part 2

Hi guys.

I have to tell you about one of my many fetishes.  Taking pictures.  As I've gotten older, my eyesight has gotten worse.  I hate wearing glasses.  They really restrict my peripheral vision.  I feel like I'm looking out of a TV set.  I see a border, a frame around things.  It drives me crazy.  So ... for years I tried taking my pictures without my glasses on.  You're right.  My photos really suffered for it.  SO!  I quit taking them for a while. 

Then came rugby 7's National Championships right here in my neighborhood.  I went to see what I could get my decent, inexpensive camera to do.  It has a wonderful larger screen for me to see the pictures as I take them.  That little camera did pretty good.  It got me hooked!   AGAIN!!!

SO, I found an Alaska airline $11.20 round trip ticket to Las Vegas (my first trip there) so I could watch more rugby!!!  I'm so hooked on this sport.  If I was younger, I'd be out there.  Anyway ...  My little camera did okay.  I missed taking pictures with my old 35mm Canon.  BUT!  I couldn't find a way for my eyes to work with it.  I came home thinking about buying a new 35mm digital.  BUT!  I decided I needed to go watch our wonderful team in California instead.  Being retired only allows so much screwing around, as my income is all but gone.  EEK!

As I'm writing this post I realize I didn't like my pictures in CA enough to post any of them.  SAD!!!

I went to Burnaby, BC after CA and got a few good pictures.  But, I took one that broke my heart.  It should have been a winner.  It was a little on the blurry side instead.  DARN.  It was a picture of one of the Canadian ruggers Phil McKenzie.  He stood there so I could take the picture of him and a wonderful man who volunteered at the matches.  There were 3 games that day.  When I got home I checked my pictures to see how they came out.  Not great.  Part of it is my seat that's too far away for such a small, inexpensive camera.  The rest is the user.  It made me nuts. 

I GOT ANOTHER $11.20 round trip ticket.  I HAD to go watch our rugby team play in Chicago.  2 days before I was leaving for Chicago, Verizon came up with a better cell plan for me.  I decided I could afford $5 more a month for 3 times the data that I could use.  SO!  I go to Best Buy to spend my $5 and what happens???  I ask this sweet young lady there if they have a camera section.  She says sure and points me in the right direction and said ... there's 12 months same as cash financing right now.   DING DING DING!!!

I buy everything I own with that type of financing where I can.   SO!  I came home with a new digital 35mm camera AND one bigger lens.  I figured I was going to buy a new camera before I go to Vegas to watch our rugby team in March anyway.  Why not buy it now while the financing is here and Chicago is just 2 days away.

That was a really long way to say I bought a new camera and here are some pictures of our National Rugby team that is right now at the Rugby World Cup in England.  So far they have played one game (my alarm went off at 3:50 am so I could watch this) and lost.  It's okay.  They'll get the next one:  Scotland.  If you want to check out any information on this world cup, click anywhere on this sentence to go to their official website.

Here are a few of the 1780 photos I took on my trip to Chicago and Minnesota!!!  YEP!  I did!  1780 photos and that doesn't count the ones I knew were bad and were erased!!!  Like I said:  FETISH!
Australia is one of the very top in the world.

Rugby banners were every where! 
Thank you CHICAGO!

While I love a good team.  I love players more! 
I ALWAYS have my favorites.

This is getting high in rugby!  That's Lou Stanfill.  You
met him last year on a blog post.  Click here ... he's the
guy in the dunk tank!!!  He's one of the nicest guys!

I am clear across the field and up the stands. 
Way up there!

Mike Petri, a high school teacher, floating in the air.

My favorite play, the line out.

Half time score. 
This is an excellent score to have against this team.

That's Danny Barrett going up for the ball. 
The ball is at the top of the picture.  Can you see it???

That's Lou during the game. 
He played a very good game!!!

Look how high Danny jumped.  WOW!

See that bearded man on the left of the ref? 
That's Phil Thiel our hooker. 
He hooks the ball with his foot. 

We played an excellent first half.  BUT! 
Our second half wasn't too good.  That's okay. 
They still did a great job!

I hope you didn't fall asleep during this post.  I don't know why ,,, but, I just kept going on and on.  Not next time when I show you some fun pics of wonderful textures I found on my trip to Minnesota!  Take care and thanks so much for stopping by!  Shell

Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Trip to Chicago to Watch My Favorite Rugby Team Part 1

What can I say?  Alaska airlines let me buy a round trip ticket for $11.20!  I had to go.  SO!  I went to Chicago (RUGBY!!!) for 4 days, then flew to Minnesota to visit my son, his wife and 3 of my grandkids.  FUN!!!

Ready to see some pictures of Chicago now???  Rugby in part 2. 

I flew into Chicago, then took the L train into the
Chicago Loop where my hotel was.

My son flew into Chicago so he could see his first rugby
match.  I went to watch the Cubs while I waited for him.
The Cubs spanked Arizona!  The starting pitcher for
Chicago was from Puyallup, WA.  About an hour drive
from my house.  I thought that was funny.  Not only that,
but, Chris Bosio is now their pitching coach.  I was at the
Mariners game with 7 little leaguers and my daughter when
Bosio threw his first no hitter.  I mainly remember spending
my whole paycheck on food for the kids!!!  LOL! 

I thought Seattle was big.  HA!!! 
And the landmarks ... hahaha!!! 
Seattle is SOOOOO SMALL.  LOL!

Everywhere I looked there were OLD buildings.  YUM!
I walked for miles and miles.  I found my way around
town by tall buildings like this.  I get lost easily. You
see I forget to watch where I'm going.  I'm too busy
looking at everything around me.  It's more fun that way!

I'm pretty sure he was telling me where I wanted
to go.  I just couldn't hear him very well.

These big fluffy clouds kept coming in.
  They were so low.  It lets you see the castle tops!!!

My son and I walked a couple miles after we ate at
Gino's East.  OH!  The pizza!!!  We swung by The Bean.
  Click on the picture and you might be able to see the
stars in the reflection.  I DID!

I LOVE those clouds!!!

We listened to some wonderful jazz in a park.

Oh the architecture!!!  I needed a week just to walk
around and capture all the "goodies" on film.
And that's just on the Loop.

I can not believe how many GIANT parks where there.  
Every where I walked, there was a new park! 

The sound.  Oh my!  Music to my ears.  Sounded like
being up in the mountains at dads house.

I decided this guy was probably one of my ancestors.

OH MY!  Where was my welder when I needed it. 
I NEED to make something on this scale.  This is
what my brain is going to work on this fall/winter.
A large steel, brass and copper sculpture. 

Before the rugby match Brett and I walked to the
Navy Pier.  It was 2 1/2 miles from our hotel.  Afterwards
we walked all over town.  By the time we were done
looking ,,,, we took the L back to the hotel so this old
lady could rest and shower before the game. 
What can I say?  60 is only a couple months away.

I LOVE CAROUSELS!!!  We had a few old carousel
horses in our house when I was young.

OH!  She told me she wanted to come home with me.
  I couldn't figure out how to get her in my suitcase.
  Isn't she gorgeous?

This beauty was passing through at a pretty good clip.

BY THE WAY!  This was the very first place I visited when
I first went looking around.  YEP!  I bought a Serge Savard t-shirt.  He was probably my first sports hero!!!  I think
I was 10 to 12 years old when he first came into the
league.  I used to watch every single hockey match on TV
that I could.  My parents never figured out why I
liked this sport so much.  I still love it!!!  (I  just
bought tickets to the Canucks Capitals game in October!)
  Should I tell you who my 2nd sports hero was??? 
Vida Blue.  He ran to the mound and back to the dugout
when he pitched.  That's who I fashioned myself after 
when I pitched fast pitch softball.  He was awesome!!!

OKAY!  Enough for today.  I'll get the rugby pictures posted in the next day or two!!!  It was such a GREAT GAME!!!

THANKS for stopping by!  Shell

Friday, September 11, 2015

A New Find

I have rocks in my head.  LOL!

Check out the new rocks I just had to bring home....

dry bucket

dry box

wet box of rox

what am I going to do with them???

cut them


very pretty !!!

think earrings

think pendants

think new jewelry parts

this is a new project for me

Later this fall will be a good time to play with something I've never done before.  If the pieces turn out good, I'll have to get out the torch and make some glass beads to go with them.  FUN!

By the way ... If I cut 4 good piece out of all these pieces ... I've paid for all the rocks I picked up at a rock club sale.  SWEET!

Hope you are all safe, warm and having a good week!  Shell