old timer

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Earrings from 1800's Ceiling Tins

Hi guys.

I thought as long as I had the soldering iron out, I'd make me some earrings.  I started with an old rusted ceiling tin that I bought years ago.  I was told these were from the 1880's and came out of a saloon that was in a ghost town in Montana.  FUN!

It's a good story even if it isn't true.  I cut out a small piece.  Cleaned it up a bit.  Wrapped it with copper foil and soldered it.  I cleaned it and put a patina on it.  I poked a hole it in and called it Macaroni ... no wait... sorry!  EARRINGS.

A quick sloppy wire job and they are done.

Simple, sweet and fun to wear.

Juliet is always there to help me.


Same idea, just a little different.

This is just 2 cross charms with patina, 2 great
beads, a little wire and the ear wires.  DONE!

I'm off to make some more.  I like these.  Next:  different color and style beads, plus different shaped tin pieces.  FUN!

See ya soon!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Funky Soldered Christmas Crystals

Hi guys....

How is it going???  Great here.  Last week I told you I would post pictures of the crystals I was working on.  Some of the pictures are horrible,,, but ,,, I put them in here anyway so you can get the idea.


I found some fun shapes.

Some longer prisms.

Half a Seahawks Key and a jewelry find. 

These used to be earrings.

New crown charms.