old timer

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Rugby and a Few New Finds

Hi guys!

It's been a while.  I was lucky enough to turn "old" a month ago.  LOL!  I finally turned 59 1/2 and I finally got to touch my retirement money without penalties.  SO!  I gave myself a birthday present.  I went to San Jose and Sacramento, CA, to watch 4 wonderful rugby matches.  The US team won one, lost one!  Not bad!!!  They are not a pro team, just (HA!  Just!) a team thrown together full of wonderful young men who are some of the best the US has to offer.  A few play professionally in Europe or Japan.  Most are just your neighbors!!!  They play an AMAZING GAME!!!  They are playing in the World Cup coming up in September and October this year.  I hope you get to take a moment to watch ... even if it's only for a minute ... or a play or two.  You might find out this is something you like and didn't know it!!!  It's football without pads and breaks.  It's 80 minutes of near nonstop rugby!  GO EAGLES!!!

By the way.  The Eagles play rugby at Soldier Field in Chicago, IL on Sept. 5th, 2015, against a giant of a team from Australia.  It should sell out and it will be on TV.  Watch for it ... please!  Last year they played against a team from New Zealand and drew over 61,000 people to the game.  Just give it a try.  It's a sport we don't know much about here in the United States and I'm sure hoping we not only learn it, but we get ourselves a professional team.

While on this trip I stopped by every single junk shop I could find.  I stopped by many antique shops.  NOTHING!!!  I FOUND NOTHING!!!  How can this be???  ME???  SKUNKED???  AT JUNKIN'???  Holy crap people.  It was sad.  I went to a monster sized flea market in San Jose.  It was like shopping in a Mexican dollar store.  Serious.  The majority of the booths were permanent.  In other words ... the same old vendors, same old stuff every day it's open.  Might not be bad for the new guy, ME!  But, it was mostly and honestly the same thing you find in dollar stores.  The majority of the rest was stuff brought in from Mexico.  There were a few spaces where they actually had some great junk.  Just not what I was looking for.  DARN!  Oh well! 

I did find a couple things.

A couple pieces of silver plate that will become
a piece of jewelry .. probably?

This I found in an antique shop. 
It's a great advertising piece.

I think it should go on a leather cuff and move. 
It could be used when you need it!!!

I found 4 sets of embossing stamps. 


Might be fun to use on leather!  Or lightweight metal.

Of course I have both and I'm ready to stamp!!! 

This is honestly all I found in 2200 miles of roads and towns.  SUCKED!!!  LOL!  Oh well.  Maybe next trip?  I can only hope.

HEY!  Did you get a chance to think about any ideas for my metal hearts???  Any ideas for me???  HUH???  Only a couple days left!!!

HELP!!!!  P L E A S E!!!